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WireShark : Network Packet Scanning, Communications Protocol Development & Analysis Tool


Windows x32  -  Windows x64  -  Windows Portable

Mac OSx x64  -  Linux TAR x84

OWASP Zed Attack Proxy : Easy To Use Vulnerability & Pentesting For Web Applications
LOIC : Network Stress Test Tool Used For DdoS Attacks
Windows  -  How To Use Tutorial
Nmap : Network Security Auditing & Scanning Tool
Keylogger : Records Typed Text in Background
Print Monitor : Records Printer Activity
DiskDrill Data Recovery : Data Recovery Tool For Corrupt or Deleted Files and Folders
SoftEther VPN : Free Open Sourced VPN Client. Includes Huge List of Servers All Around The World

Network, Data Base & Website Pentesting

Muti-Platform Password Cracking & Exploits

Spyware & Administrative Tools

Game Hacks & Mods

Android Rooting & APKs For Rooted

Latest iOS Jailbreaks, Repos & Apps

iOS Hacking & Pentesting Apps

Hacking Resources & Tutorials


.NET Keylogger Source Code

Remote Access Tool (R.A.T) .NET Source Code

Unethical Source Codes

Video Tutorials

Unethical Source Codes & Tutorials

Mobile App & Game Development Tools

Software & Web Development Tools

Browser Addons For Web Developers

Advanced Customization

Enable Windows God Mode

System Settings Tweaks

Free VPN & Proxy Tools

Tracker & Anonymity Tools

Browser Extensions

Virtual Computer Platforms For Emulating Mobile Devices and Running Sadboxed Operating Systems, ISOs & Live Disks

Live ISOs & Customized Linux Operating Systems For Hacking and Pentesting

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