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APKs For Rooted Android Devices

WifiKillUI NetKill : ARP Spoofer To Block Connected Devices on Your Network. With This Tool You Can Kill Connection To Any Device Connected To Your Network By Setting DSN Server To Random Numbers


Bugtoid Pentesting Suite : 200+ Android and Linux Tools For Pentesting and Forensics


Android Xposed Framework :  Allows You To Make Adjustments To Your Device's Operating System


DroidSheep : Network Vulnerability & Packet Capture


USB Cleaver 1.3 USB Password Recovery Tool Capable of Stealing Information From A Connected Windows Computer Connected Via USB


DroidBug Exploiting :  Exploit Tools For Linux, Windows, Mac, Android and Iphone

cSploit : Open Sources Network Pentesting Suit For Android


Droid Forensics Pentesting200+ Android and Linux Tools For Pentesting and Forensics


DroidSQL Injector : SQL Injector For Rooted Android Devices

App Inspector : Allows You To Make Changes To App Permissions and More

Call Recoder : Record Incoming and Outgoing Calls As Well As Call Logs - Requires Xposed Framework


HashSuite : NTLM Hash Cracker From Given Text

AndroDumper WPS : Network Vulnerability Tool For Connection To Wireless Networks Without The Passkey

ARP Spoofer : Tool To Disable Network Connection on Devices Connected To Current Network


Hack App Data : App Data and Memory Hacking Tool

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