Top Developer, Network, Hacking & Pentesting Toools and Resources 

Network Pentesting & Analysis

WireShark : Network Packet Scanning, Communications Protocol Development & Analysis Tool


nCrack : Adaptive High-Speed Network Authentication Cracking Tool


OWASP Zed Attack Proxy : Easy To Use Vulnerability & Pentesting For Web Applications


HammerDataBase : Open Source Database Load Testing and Benchmarking Tool


DirBuster :  Multi-Threaded Java App To Brute Force Directories and Files Names on Web/Application Servers


Stunnle : Multiplatform GNU/GPL-Licensed Proxy Encrypting Arbitrary TCP Connections With SSL/TLS


Nmap : Network Security Auditing & Scanning Tool


LOIC : Network Stress Test Tool Used For DdoS Attacks - Tutorial


Website Email Extractor : Free And Easy Way To Extract Emails From A List of Websites


Angry I.P Scanner : Fast & Simple IP & Port Scanner


Injection Tools


SQLmap : Penetration Testing Tool That Automates The Process of Detecting & Exploiting SQL Injection Flaws And Taking Over Database Servers


SQL Power Injector : Exploit and Alter Data Stored in a Database


DroidSQLi : SQL Injection Tool For Android. No Root Needed


SQLninjaSQL Injection Vulnerability Exploitation Tool For Web Applications That Use Microsoft SQL Server As its Back-End

Following Perl Modules Needed - Downloads Here : NetPacket  :  Net-Pcap  :  Net-DNS  :  Net-RawIP  :  DBI

You Will Also Need The Metasploit Framework 3 : Download To Use Metasploit Attack Mode
VNC Client Needed If You Use The VNC Payload

Password Sniffers, Cracking & Recovery


RainbowCrack : Password Cracking App That Uses Time-Memory trade algorithm to crack password hashes


John The Ripper : Password Cracking Software For Several Crypt Password Hash Types


Cain and Abel : Easy Recovery of Various Types of Passwords Via Network Sniffing, Dictionary Cracking, Brute-Force & Cryptanalysis Attacks. Also Records VoIP Conversations, Decodes Scrambled Codes, Recovers WEP keys, Reveals Password Char, Snoops Cached Info & Analyzes Routing Protocols


OPH Crack : Live CD For Windows XP-7 Password Recovery


Trinity Rescue Kit : Another Free Windows Password Recovery Tool


Offline NT Password & Registry Editor : Deletes Windows Passwords Instead of Recovering or Cracking


Pentesting & Forensics Operating Systems

Wifislax : GNU/Linux Distribution For Performing Quick & Easy Audits of Wireless Networks

Kali LinuxDebian Based Linux Distribution Aimed At Advanced Penetration Testing & Security Auditing


Caine OS : Ubuntu 16.04 Customized For Computer Forensics

Before Installing : Unlock The Destination Disk Usung BlockOn/Off (sudo blockdev --setrw -/dev/sd*)  - Tutorial


PentooGPGPU Cracking Software, With Lots of Tools For Penetration Testing and Security Assessment


NST : Network Security Toolkit -  A Network Security Analysis and Monitoring Toolkit Linux Distribution


DeftZA Computer Forensics Live CD Linux Distribution Based on Ubuntu


BackTrack 5 Linux Distribution That Focused on All Around Security Auditing. *Support & Development Has Been Discontinued - Replaced By Kali Linux

Spyware Tools


Keylogger : Records Keystrokes For Gathering Intel, Stealing Usernames, Passwords, Credit Cards and More


AndroRAT : Remote Access Tool For Android-To-Windows PC Remote Control of Connected Mobile Devices


Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Exploitation

WifiKill : ARP Spoofer To Block Connected Devices on Your Network. With This Tool You Can Kill Connection To Any Device Connected To Your Network By Setting DSN Server To Random Numbers - Root Needed

BlueDiving : Bluetooth Pentesting Suite


WPS Connect : Find and Execute Vulnerabilities in WPS Protocol Enabled Networks. With This Tool You Can Connect To Networks Without The Passphrase


RootKits & Backdoor Exploits

Stoned Bootloader : Complete Rootkit For Windows XP-7

HDroot BootKit : Universal Windows Rootkit
Android RootKitA rootkit for Android. Based on "Android platform based linux kernel rootkit"

Miscellaneous Software & Apps


Exif & GPS Location Extractor : Allows You To View GPS Location, Device & File Information on Images. Say You Took An Image on Your iPhone with iOS 11 At Your House; This Allows Viewing That Info & MUCH More


DiskDrill Data Recovery : Data Recovery Tool For Corrupt or Deleted

Stellar Data Recovery : Restores Deleted Files To Original Condition. Supports Almost 200 File Types


VeraCrypt File Encryptor : Protect, Encrypt & Decrypt Your Files


Automated Mouse Clicker : Click As Fast As You Want, Where You Want


RoboForm : Auto Form Fill & Subsumption For Websites

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