Top Developer, Network, Hacking & Pentesting Toools and Resources 

Network Pentesting & Forensics

WireShark : Network Packet Scanning, Communications Protocol Development & Analysis Tool v3.0.3

nCrack : Adaptive High-Speed Network Authentication Cracking Tool
OWASP Zed Attack Proxy : Easy To Use Vulnerability & Pentesting For Web Applications

BlueSpam :  Searches for all discoverable bluetooth devices and spams a text file to them

HammerDataBase : Open Source Database Load Testing and Benchmarking Tool

inSSIDer :  Uncover trouble spots, expose bandwidth-hogging networks, configure your WiFi for optimal performance and more

DirBuster : Multi-Threaded Java App To Brute Force Directories and Files Names on Web/Application Servers
LOIC : Network Stress Test Tool Used For DdoS Attacks - Tutorial

PeachFuzzer : Cross-platform fuzzer capable of performing both dumb and smart fuzzing. Including monitoring system allowing for fault detection, data collection, and automation v3.1.124

Java LOICNetwork Stress Test Tool Used For DdoS Attacks

Stunnle : Multiplatform GNU/GPL-Licensed Proxy Encrypting Arbitrary TCP Connections With SSL/TLS
Nmap : Network Security Auditing & Scanning Tool

LanSweeper :  Allows you to scan and discover all available Windows, Linux and Mac-operated devices and IP-addressable network devices on your network


Website Email Extractor : Free And Easy Way To Extract Emails From A List of Websites

Angry I.P Scanner : Fast & Simple IP & Port Scanner
nTopng :  Network traffic probe that monitors network usage

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