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Password Cracking & Recovery

RainbowCrackPassword Cracking App That Uses Time-Memory trade algorithm to crack password hashes


John The RipperPassword Cracking Software For Several Crypt Password Hash Types


Cain & AbleEasy Recovery of Various Types of Passwords Via Network Sniffing, Dictionary Cracking, Brute-Force & Cryptanalysis Attacks. Also Records VoIP Conversations, Decodes Scrambled Codes, Recovers WEP keys, Reveals Password Char, Snoops Cached Info & Analyzes Routing Protocols


Bruter :  Network login brute-forcer


NT Password & Registry EditorDeletes Windows Passwords Instead of Recovering or Cracking

Trinity Rescue Kit Free Bootable Windows 7-8 Password Recovery Tool


OPH Crack : Bootable Live CD For Windows XP-7 Password Recovery


KonBootBypass The Authentication Process of 32Bit Windows Based Operating Systems. Without Overwriting Your Old Password XP-7

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